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Turnkey production

Tesrete relies on the strength of 45 years of experience in the woven nets sector for the agricultural industry. It also offers design and production service of “turnkey” woven materials complete with machinery and know-how for producing monofilament and nets for agricultural and other sectors.


Tesrete offers nets and protective fabrics customized to special demands. A specialized department is ready to satisfy all customer needs.


Tesrete is able to customize the measurements of its nets according to customer specifications, sewing nets with greater widths than production standards call for when necessary.
It also offers a wide variety of services, including the preparation of large rolls (folded or extended in height) according to the mounting requirements of the installations.


Owing to its warehouses, Tesrete guarantees that merchandise is available in standard sizes.
It also makes use of a distributor network to facilitate distribution on a national as well as international level.
All nets produced by Tesrete are delivered with a special anti-UV plastic film cover to protect the product from weathering.

Support and accessories

Tesrete actively collaborates with the finest producers of accessories for installing its nets.
It also consults with respected agronomists for all types of support or when necessities arise during the design and mounting stages or in subsequent activities.
It guarantees organized after-sales service that is punctual and timely.