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Opened in 1972 by founding partner Francesco Zanga, the Tesrete Company, first run by Zanga and his children and then autonomously by the latter, has been synonymous with reliability and the pursuit of quality for two generations.

Tesrete has been operating for more than forty years in the production of protective materials for the entire agricultural sector (anti-hail, shade, and anti-aphid fabrics) and is constantly studying the possibility of producing all other types of fabric, whether as samples or upon customer request.

Strengthened by know-how and forty years of experience, Tesrete started up a second factory in Serbia in 2014, in order to better meet the demands of the Eastern European market.

With its experience in producing woven nets for the agricultural sector, Tesrete designs and produces “turnkey” woven materials for its customers that are complete with machinery and know-how for producing monofilament and nets for the agricultural sector.

Company history

Founded in 1972 by Francesco Zanga and FAMILY RUN, the company immediately began operating in the technical weaving industry developing specific technology and machinery.

This technology immediately led to an expansion in producing special nets with many uses, of which the most demanding and specialized is that of the agri-food industry.

Anti-hail and shade nets accounted for the range of products in the first years of production.

Tesrete has been operating for more than forty years in the production of woven materials for the entire agricultural sector (anti-hail, shade and anti-aphid nets). Its attention to market demands and an innovative spirit have allowed it to develop increasingly innovative high performance products and to offer complete solutions for the target sectors.

Social capital: euro 400.000 i.v.
Registered office: Viale Friuli 8, 24049 Verdello (BG)
C.C.I.A.A. 144435 – Reg. Sociale Tribunale di BG 21262 Vol. 20311
Partita IVA : 00362450165